A singularly step-change technology to downstream as hydraulic fracking is to upstream 


Big Data Models

Penrose Technologies offers a next generation empirical & first-principles inferential control design that closes the gap between process identification and control design, a gap considered as the holy grail in application of predictive analytics and machine learning to the refinery and petrochemical industry.

Lower plant emissions

The distillation processes consume over 1/3rd of the US industrial energy demand. Distillation can consume up to 50% of a refinery’s operating cost due to energy intensive heating and cooling requirements. The next-generation Penrose Advanced Process Control technology targets reduction in heating and cooling requirements and consequently environmental emissions by 10 to 20%. The technology is more effective than state-of-the-art equivalents by an order of magnitude.

The equivalent annual CO2 emissions of 7.4 million cars are eliminated, if Penrose technology were to deployed at all U.S. refinery crude units.

A Step Change in Downstream

Penrose APC software technology has delivered moonshot results in driving significant improvements in productivity:

  • throughput capacity increase,

  • higher quality of products,

  • lower emissions and operating costs,

  • and higher stability of operations.



Penrose Technologies offers a next generation advanced process control technology for a true maximum hands-off control by plant operators and virtually zero maintenance and support by site engineering staff.




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